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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Q. Is hearing loss only caused by old age?

Age-related hearing loss is just one possible cause of hearing loss. Other causes of hearing loss include ear infections, head injuries, and too much exposure to noise.

Q: My friend bought hearing aids online for less than $100. Why are other hearing aids so expensive?

Unfortunately, your friend did not buy true hearing aids, but personal sound amplifiers. These devices are intended for people who do not have a hearing loss, but can benefit from amplification in certain environments. Hearing aids are classified as medical devices, and a great deal of research and development goes into them to provide health benefits to those with hearing loss.

Q: How common is hearing loss?

Hearing loss affects an estimated 36 million Americans (about 14 percent of the population). It's estimated that 15 percent of teens ages 6-19 have hearing loss as well. It is a very common issue, and it is one that can be treated.

Q. How will I know if I need hearing aids?

You should make an appointment with an audiologist if you suspect hearing loss. An audiologist will determine if your hearing loss requires medical or non-medical treatment and refer you to the appropriate specialist if necessary. The results of the audiological evaluation will determine if you need hearing aids and what type will be best. The audiologist will review the results of your evaluation and provide the best possible management options and recommendations for your hearing loss. The audiologist will also consider your personal preferences and overall health.

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Q. Can I get by with one hearing aid?

If you have hearing loss in both ears, it is difficult to get by with one hearing aid. It is important to have binaural hearing. Binaural hearing refers to the brain’s ability to localize sounds. It improves your ability to understand speech in complex, noisy environments, and greatly improves your overall communication ability.

Q. How much do hearing aids cost?

There are many different hearing aids at various price points, and your audiologist will work with you to determine which devices best fit your lifestyle and are appropriate for your hearing loss. Mail order or hearing aids clubs may sell hearing aids at a lower price because the hearing aid components are generally of lower quality, and therefore less expensive. You may receive little or no instructions and/or adjustments. In the long run, you may pay as much or even more than they would if you went to a full-service audiology practice.

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