A Notice to our Valued Patients

There has been a recent increase in the number of black market-type websites selling hearing aids online. It is our stance that you should not make any purchases through these websites as they are not in your best interest as a patient or consumer.

These organizations are often distributing devices without authorization from the manufacturer and may be void of warranty. In some cases, the businesses are managed outside the United States, meaning you may not have the ability to recover your money. They are focused solely on making a profit and do nothing to assess important health risks associated with hearing loss.

We strongly urge you to see a hearing health provider when considering the purchase of a hearing device. Only a trained specialist will be able to provide you with the highly-specialized quality care you need.

Hearing Aid Technology

We sell many different hearing aids at various price points, and we will work with you to determine which devices fit your lifestyle and are appropriate for your hearing loss. Our primary manufacturers are listed below, although we will service hearing aids by other brands:

Alta 2 hearing aids

Child fitted with BTE

Video Testimonials

Hear what our patients have to say:

Oticon Opn hearing aids

We aim to offer the best hearing technology on the market to our patients. To that end, we are pleased to showcase the newest device by Oticon, the Oticon Opn™. This revolutionary hearing aid provides better understanding of speech by:

  • Giving you access to multiple speakers that you want to listen to and reducing noise at the same time
  • Containing a revolutionary ultra-fast sound processing chip
  • Internet connection
  • Seamlessly synch to Bluetooth technology

Learn more via the video(s) below, and/or contact us to schedule your consultation!

Click a thumbnail to watch the video below:

Hearing is: in the details IFTTT - Craft Your Own Connections The Oticon Opn™ BrainHearing™

Insurance Information

Kingston Audiology Center accepts most major insurance plans. Our office staff will gladly work with your provider to determine what benefits they offer.

In terms of insurance coverage for hearing device purchases, different insurances will pay for different levels of the cost. As we sell many different hearing aids at various price points, we will work with you to determine which devices are appropriate for your hearing loss, and also meet your budget and activity level.

Hearing Aid Styles

Styles of hearing aids differ just as your individual hearing needs differ. At Kingston Audiology Center, we offer multiple styles of hearing aids with different features, and we take the time to offer the best options that will suit your hearing needs and budget.

In the Ear (ITE) ITE hearing aid
Completely in the Canal (CIC) CIC hearing aid
Behind the Ear (BTE) BTE hearing aid
Open Fit Open Fit hearing aid
Invisible in the Canal (IIC) IIC hearing aid

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