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Hearing Myths

Myth: Hearing aids are big and noticeable.

Fact: Today's hearing aids are small and come in a variety of styles that can work for your lifestyle. The effects of hearing loss are much more noticeable than the hearing aids themselves.

Myth: I don't need hearing aids if I have a partial hearing loss.

Fact: Every person's hearing loss is different, and the only way to know the nature and extent of your hearing loss is to get your hearing tested by a hearing healthcare professional.

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Myth: My hearing loss can't be helped or treated.

Fact: There have been many advances in technology in recent years that has enabled many more treatment options for hearing loss. A hearing evaluation by a professional will determine what options will work for you.

Myth: Hearing aids can damage a person's hearing.

Fact: Hearing aids that are properly fit and programmed will not damage a person's hearing.

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Tips for Friends and Family

To help support someone with hearing loss and help him or her seek treatment, here are some tips:

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1. Always be positive.

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