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Do you often feel like the people around you are mumbling? Do you tend to turn the TV up louder than others enjoy it? Do you feel tired after social situations? These are all indicators that it is time to see a hearing specialist.

At Kingston Audiology Center, we can:

  • Identify the cause of your hearing concerns
  • Explain your options
  • Find an expert solution to meet your needs

Why Choose Kingston Audiology Center?

  • We offer a wide range of services for patients of all ages
  • Provide professional hearing care for more than 20 years
  • Thousands of satisfied patients
  • Online Scheduling available
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Please specify your health insurance. If you have Medicare, a Medicare Managed Plan, or MVP, we need a script from a medical doctor for the hearing evaluation. We are not a provider of NY Medicaid. If you need an appointment sooner, please call the office directly to see if another opening is available. If you need an appointment for a hearing aid check, please call the office directly.

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What We Offer:

Custom Musician Earplugs:

Come in for an appointment and see how custom musician earplugs can improve your listening experience.

Service and Repair:

We can service and repair your hearing aids to keep them lasting longer.

Tinnitus Management:

Do you experience bothersome ringing in your ears? There are treatment options available and we can help you find the best way to soothe your tinnitus.

Online Scheduling:

Schedule an appointment online to see what times are available that fit your needs.

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We would love to see how we can help you solve your hearing healthcare problems using the most professional methods in the industry.

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