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What Can You Expect

at your first appointment:

When you come to Kingston Audiology Center you will always be greeted as soon as you walk in the door. Our audiologist, Dr. Perry, will begin your appointment by gathering your hearing history. She will ask you some questions on what brought you in, where you are having difficulties with your hearing, and what your expectations are. After a brief conversation getting to know you, then our audiologist will begin the hearing evaluation.
  1. To begin, our audiologist will first look inside your ears with an otoscope. She will ensure there is no earwax build-up or signs of infection inside your ear before continuing.
  2. Then she will perform the hearing test. The hearing test consist of a series of tone tests where you will listen for different frequencies and tones of sounds.
  3. After your hearing test our audiologist will go over the results of your audiogram with you and explain what degree of hearing loss you may have.
  4. Then our audiologist will go over some options for hearing aids and will help you select the right device. We even offer demo hearing aids in office that you can try on and experience how they feel and sound in your ears.
  5. Once you’ve decided which hearing aids you would like to move forward with, we will place an order for them and schedule you back in for a fitting appointment when they arrive.
Man making appointment with Kingston Audiology in Kingston, NY

Patient Forms

Below you will find some PDF files that we have prepared in order to make your experience smoother and more convenient. Please print these, fill them out, and bring them with you to your next appointment. This will help you be seen faster!

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At the Kingston Thruway Circle:

Take exit marked “Washington Avenue.”

Go to the 2nd stoplight (busy intersection) and take a right turn onto Hurley Avenue.

Go ½ mile straight on Hurley Avenue.

On right side of street see large sign “211 Hurley Avenue – Family Medicine” (Small Medical Arts Building) – this is where Kingston Audiology Center is located.

Park in Parking Lot at back of building.

Entrance to Kingston Audiology Center is through the back door.

NOTE:  Back entrance is 2 steps down or down a small ramp.